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We're so delighted that you're here. It's wonderful to belong to a tribe! We have everything you need to build your business, create solid systems and develop your strategic map. Our priority is to arm you with business templates, mentorship, resources, special discounts and early registration notifications and a savvy community; your priority is simply to shine!

  • Work Smarter Not Harder: You're likely making dozens of business decisions each and every day. You need to employ strategies to help get off the entrepreneur hamster wheel, because one of your most precious commodities is your time. How are you guarding it?
  • Create Systems: You need relevant templates. Every business need a roadmap for success.
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We are so sure that you're going to love the Mastermindmatrix that we are removing every obstacle we can think of that may prevent you from joining.

Why should you join the Mastermindmatrix NOW?

  • Because we will never ever offer this low rate again
  • Templates are only available for two weeks. When we add a new one, a previous one will be removed. And so if you miss a template, it will be gone for a very long time.
  • Registration is only open six times a year. The next registration opportunity will be August 2020.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Matrix community?

  • Receive business training templates each and every week.
  • Submit your business questions to Karen and have them answered on a weekly FB live.
  • Discounts on many of the BusiWomen events, offers and promotions special
  • Receive access to register for events and workshops before they are announced on the larger community.

What type of women entrepreneurs will love the mastermind matrix? Those looking to:

Access mentors, facilitators and industry experts.

Gain training at an incredible price.

Get out of feeling 'stuck' and instead build with systems, strategies and synergies.

Be on a platform with YOUR TYPE of women entreprenueurs - the ones not just looking to build friendships, but the ones craving a strong business community based on the pillars of growth, connections and collaborations.

Here's what we will be learning over the next six months

October 2020
If connections are your business currency, how wealthy is your business? Your matrix templates include:

Customer connections :

  • Important points for business success
  • Maintaining customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Building life long customers
November 2020
Success breeds success. Your thoughts, habits and fears will have a direct impact on your success rate. Your matrix templates include:

Success :

  • Important points for business success
  • Defining your target market
  • Understanding what they value
  • Focusing on what is important to them
December 2020
How do you maximize your business growth with so many shiny objects and opportunities surrounding you? Your matrix templates include:

Time management :

  • Important points for business success
  • Importance of time management
  • Prioritizing
  • Time sucks to avoid
January 2021
Your Your habits are what will make or break your business. Your matrix templates and weekly zoom training sessions will include:


  • How to create solid habits for your business
February 2021
There is a saying, 'facts tell, stories sell'. Stories are the backbone of drawing out emotions.Your matrix templates include:


  • What emotions matter the most
  • How to evoke emotions within your sales funnel
  • Buying into emotions
  • If they are going to feel anyway, why not tell them what to feel?
March 2021
Is your business making you and your clients happy? If you dislike your business, or if your clients no longer like your business, making money, and allowing yourself to be happy, will be an uphill battle. Your matrix templates include:

Happiness in business (and in life):

  • Ways to increase your happiness
  • How to show your clients your appreciation
  • Cancelling the negative noise
  • Understanding how to ensure your customers are happy

Here's what our members are saying about BusiWomen

"I totally respect Karen not only as a business mentor but personally, she is an incredible person. She is a wife, a mom, friend and actively volunteers in her community. I am very grateful for our time together. She continually inspires me to be a better person."
Colleen Saunders
Mortgage Professional
"Karen has created an amazing community of business owners who are dedicated to building relationships and learning together, and it’s Karen who sets the tone for all who follow."
Sarah Turl
"Karen Baring is support extraordinaire to all the women in her tribe! Meetings are full of engagemenet, business value and highly supportive. You need a strong business community like Busiwomen to accelrate your business and personal growth! I have been a member for over 5 years- I came for business contacts, I stayed for communitiy!"
Lynda Davidson
Owner and Founder at LD Business Focus
"Karen is one of the strongest facilitator and business mentors that I have met. She wants you to succeed and will go the extra step to ensure you have the tools to do so."
Elaina Bahm
Owner & Club Manager at The BAO Institute For Healthy Living
"Karen Baring's business strategies, ideas and training are amazing. I would recommend her programs to every woman entrepreneur."
Hiba Rizvi
Real Estate Agent/Broker

About Karen Baring

Karen Baring is a successful business mentor who enjoys building thriving communities for women entrepreneurs. In 2007, she founded BusiWomen, where she can focus on supporting women in all aspects of their business development. With over 11 years experience, 750 mastermind groups facilitated and 5000+ hours of coaching/mentorship, Karen is dedicated to providing guidance and insight to women entrepreneurs. She has created an energetic bustling community where women can can ask for guidance, learn business strategies, and also, celebrate their successes.